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November 17, 2016


For anyone who knows me, you know that I lOVE handmade bathing products. LOVE THEM. I would take a bath every single day if I could. Le’Aura delivered a truly pampering experience. Today I woke up not feeling so hot. I sat down at my desk and worked for a few hours too long. I felt like total poop on a stick. I decided that I needed a break! After 10 long minutes of the bath tub filling up, I sprinkled in my Sangria rose Bath Milk. By Golly you guys- It smelled like heaven all up in that bathroom! I wanted to sprinkle the whole package in, but I resisted so that I could save this sweet smelling crack for another day.

While waiting for the scorching hot bath water to cool down (I forgot to put the cold faucet on. oops) I applied my Tea tree and Coffee Facial scrub. Talk about Yummy! My skin felt so moisturized and soft. I then relaxed in my glorious tub while watching Netflix. You can say it was a productive hour and a half.

After leaving the tub, I applied my sugar and spice Silk body lotion. People- I smelled like Christmas. Words don’t describe how wonderful I felt.

Please go check Le’ Auras wonderful products! Click HERE to shop their products.

Thanks so much for reading! Now go relax and take a bath!

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