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My Sisters Closet

April 19, 2017

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Hi friends! I just wanted to share a quick look on the blog today. I am so excited about spring and am loving these mint green Motto Jeggings paired with these adorable black strappy heels. The jeggings do great things for your bum ladies so jump on this wagon and get yourself a pair. They are also fab because you can pair them with EVERYTHING. You can dress them up, or you can dress them down!

Because I work from home, I look like a homeless person 95% of the time. Because I am so accustom to wearing my pajama pants and robe most of the day, I am used to the luxury of comfort. I don’t have to compromise comfort for fashion with these wonderful Jeggings. #blessed.

I took a few shots to show you these awesome finds. (side note: it was BUTT cold when we were taking these pictures hahah!)

If you scroll to the bottom you will find pictures of the leggings and shoes- if you click directly on the pictures, it will take you directly to the site where you can buy them!

Happy shopping! Stay comfy!

Jeggings & Shoes from: My Sisters Closet

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Click on Pictures to find out more!

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Pods of Promise

January 29, 2017



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Hi everyone! It has been the craziest past couple of weeks! I wanted to get this blog post up a week ago, however, due to the craziness of life I have not been able to share until now. I have been so excited to share the amazing cause behind Pods of Promise.

Pods of Promise is an online jewelry boutique with a goal to create empowered woman of the future. They do this by helping young girls stay in school. As a company they have a mission to sponsor 10,000 girls in India, and Uganda to overcome societal, material and learning challenges that might prevent them from getting the education they deserve. With every single purchase that someone makes, Pods of Promise donates 40% of their profits to help keep these young girls in school.

I feel so grateful to have been born into a situation and home where I was able to get a good education and to have many opportunities to progress. 17 million girls around the world from ages 5-11 are expected to never have gone to school. I am so grateful to companies like Pods of Promise who are doing their best in trying to make a difference.

Why not buy beautiful accessories while helping make a difference as well? To learn more information about this wonderful cause visit or click Here

Necklace: Here

Bracelet: Here


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Feeling so Shabby

October 18, 2016

How amazing is this dress?! It screams “BUY ME!!!” I love the contrast and zest of the dress. Absolutely positively perfect for fall. I just want to spin around in circles all day. Shabby apple NEVER fails to disappoint me with their attention to detail with every piece I have received. I love Shabby Apple SO much because I know that if I buy something- It’s going to last a long time because it’s high quality material. The dresses seems to be pretty true to their size. However- sometimes they run a little small. Here’s the great news- they have free returns and exchanges. How magical! Something I am very pleased with, is how quickly my order came in the mail. I am always so antsy to just HAVE my little treasures right that second. Shabby apple had my order to my door in 2 days. 2 days people! You can’t beat that! Check Shabby Apple out and I know that you will not be disappointed! Click here for this majestic dress.



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I Can’t stop Blushing

October 7, 2016

Hey Peeps. The people who know me, know that I LOVE wearing dresses. In fact, When I was a senior in High school I wore a dress to school every day for the entire year. Yes, people probably thought I was a weirdo; but haters gonna hate. Not only are dresses whimsical, they are so stinking comfortable. You are able to skip the process of whaling on the floor for five minutes trying to button your jeans. I am always in the market for a beautifully patterned maxi dress because I feel that you are able to wear them every season. Rain or shine! Now, as I am sure you are all probably wondering. “where in the world did you get that majestic dress you are wearing, and how can I get my hands on one?” Well.. Secrets don’t make friends so I guess I will tell you all!

Pink blush has the most beautiful selection of dresses. One of the things I love most about this dress besides the AW-mazing pattern, is the fit and feel of the dress. I am a curvaceous woman. My hips don’t lie. So with that being said the most flattering things on me are clothes that excenuate my waist. This White garden Maxi dress does exactly that! It hits in all the right places ladies. The material of the dress not only smoothes out your tummy but it makes your booty look extra good. It has some serious powers. I think it’s safe to say that I will be shopping at Pink blush many more times.

Click HERE for more details about dress

Thanks for reading! Make sure you Check out Pink blush. You won’t regret it!