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Le’ Aura

November 17, 2016


For anyone who knows me, you know that I lOVE handmade bathing products. LOVE THEM. I would take a bath every single day if I could. Le’Aura delivered a truly pampering experience. Today I woke up not feeling so hot. I sat down at my desk and worked for a few hours too long. I felt like total poop on a stick. I decided that I needed a break! After 10 long minutes of the bath tub filling up, I sprinkled in my Sangria rose Bath Milk. By Golly you guys- It smelled like heaven all up in that bathroom! I wanted to sprinkle the whole package in, but I resisted so that I could save this sweet smelling crack for another day.

While waiting for the scorching hot bath water to cool down (I forgot to put the cold faucet on. oops) I applied my Tea tree and Coffee Facial scrub. Talk about Yummy! My skin felt so moisturized and soft. I then relaxed in my glorious tub while watching Netflix. You can say it was a productive hour and a half.

After leaving the tub, I applied my sugar and spice Silk body lotion. People- I smelled like Christmas. Words don’t describe how wonderful I felt.

Please go check Le’ Auras wonderful products! Click HERE to shop their products.

Thanks so much for reading! Now go relax and take a bath!

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Feeling Fit

November 9, 2016


I love working out and feeling healthy. However- when I fall off the wagon it’s SO hard to get back on. One of the things I love most about Pulsebandz, is how this simple fit watch can motivate me to be and do better! It tracks my heart rate, the amount of steps I take, the calories I burn, and the list goes on and ON! Another awesome thing about this company is how they give 5% of their profit to organizations around the world! I think it shows a lot about a company’s character if their willing to give back to those in need.

Click HERE to check em out!

Thanks for reading!


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Yum Yum Gimme Some

October 31, 2016

Who doesn’t like to come home from a long exhausting day and relax? When It comes to relaxing, I am a PRO. One of my favorite ways to kick back and forget the stresses of my life is to take a nice long hot bath! There is nothing quite like being in the sanctuary of my bathroom. (especially when there is a TV right above the tub with Netflix) It’s a heaven on earth! What’s a retreat to the bathtub without a delicious bath bomb though? It’s practically pointless. Now- There are so many components of a bath bomb that are so important to consider when purchasing. Some of the most important things to me are: Smell, Look, and Benefits. I feel that it’s important that your bath not only smells scrumptious, but that your skin becomes nourished in the process.

I have found the most delicious bath bombs and products that I just can’t get enough of. I feel like it’s my personal duty to tell the world about these delicious handmade products that will leave you wanting more! The Scrub Bar is not only affordable, but their products are of the highest quality. Recently, I took a bath with their Rose Sangria Bath Bomb. I was blown away with the beauty of the rose pettles and the fragrance of this heart shaped bomb of perfection. If you are looking for an awesome gift or if you want to spoil yourself, click HERE to check out all of their amazingness.

That’s not all! Use code “BLOGGERLOVE15” to get 15% off your order! But HURRY! The promo will end November 7th!

Thanks for reading! Now go out and spoil yourself! Someones gotta!



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Feeling so Shabby

October 18, 2016

How amazing is this dress?! It screams “BUY ME!!!” I love the contrast and zest of the dress. Absolutely positively perfect for fall. I just want to spin around in circles all day. Shabby apple NEVER fails to disappoint me with their attention to detail with every piece I have received. I love Shabby Apple SO much because I know that if I buy something- It’s going to last a long time because it’s high quality material. The dresses seems to be pretty true to their size. However- sometimes they run a little small. Here’s the great news- they have free returns and exchanges. How magical! Something I am very pleased with, is how quickly my order came in the mail. I am always so antsy to just HAVE my little treasures right that second. Shabby apple had my order to my door in 2 days. 2 days people! You can’t beat that! Check Shabby Apple out and I know that you will not be disappointed! Click here for this majestic dress.



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I Can’t stop Blushing

October 7, 2016

Hey Peeps. The people who know me, know that I LOVE wearing dresses. In fact, When I was a senior in High school I wore a dress to school every day for the entire year. Yes, people probably thought I was a weirdo; but haters gonna hate. Not only are dresses whimsical, they are so stinking comfortable. You are able to skip the process of whaling on the floor for five minutes trying to button your jeans. I am always in the market for a beautifully patterned maxi dress because I feel that you are able to wear them every season. Rain or shine! Now, as I am sure you are all probably wondering. “where in the world did you get that majestic dress you are wearing, and how can I get my hands on one?” Well.. Secrets don’t make friends so I guess I will tell you all!

Pink blush has the most beautiful selection of dresses. One of the things I love most about this dress besides the AW-mazing pattern, is the fit and feel of the dress. I am a curvaceous woman. My hips don’t lie. So with that being said the most flattering things on me are clothes that excenuate my waist. This White garden Maxi dress does exactly that! It hits in all the right places ladies. The material of the dress not only smoothes out your tummy but it makes your booty look extra good. It has some serious powers. I think it’s safe to say that I will be shopping at Pink blush many more times.

Click HERE for more details about dress

Thanks for reading! Make sure you Check out Pink blush. You won’t regret it!